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Proximity - Lockdown and beyond:

Friday, 1 May - Thursday, 1 June 2023

Gallery North West
24 Front Street, Brampton CA8 1NG

Summer Bowls

There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireplace.

Cicero was a lawyer, philosopher, and statesman, a leading figure during momentous events of the Roman Empire. He was smart enough to realise, that the everyday that surrounds him, was, in fact, the place he loved best.
Many of us, that went through the lockdown years, and are perhaps fortunate to live in beautiful areas, have also discovered this.
This current body of work by Stuart James Fraser aka “Fraz - Landscape Painter” celebrates his home, village, and surrounding countryside of the iconic Eden Valley.

Deprived of access to his usual subjects of the wild Solway coast and the dramatic Lake District, Stuart like many artists naturally needs to draw, paint or do something arty on a daily basis. So began, a series of informal studies, sketches, and paintings encompassing his garden, studio, and scenes from walks within several miles of his village home of Great Corby.

As lockdown eased, Stuart once again turned his attention back to the coast, lakes, and mountains to complete work for a successful solo exhibition called ”By The Waters Edge” held at Castle Framing at Gallery in 2022.

It was only while tidying up his studio after the intense months of painting for his solo, that Stuart was amazed at just how many works of his own locality he had actually created in the previous 3 years. Proximity was born as a concept, and that it might form an interesting small exhibition became a reality.

Gallery North West is pleased to hold this new exhibition of paintings, studies, and sketches highlighting how Stuart reconnected with an area he always loved, but perhaps overlooked just what was, under his nose.


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