Focus on an EVAN artist: Liz Acland

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This month I am focusing on Elizabeth Acland; the profits of whose art work go to fund the education of two girls in Uganda. I visited Elizabeth in her studio on Arthur Street, which you can also visit in June as she is part of the Open Studios and Art Trail, which runs from 15th to the 23rd June 2019.


Elizabeth is a retired teacher and was inspired to take up art after studying the great Colourists of the early 20th century while completing an Art History Degree at Leeds.

She tells me she is completely ‘self-taught’ – ‘there was no art department at my school’. Despite this she is a beautiful painter and colourist and continues to experiment, always thinking up new ideas and ways of working, often going back to finished and framed pieces and adding to them. She has taken part in different workshops and studies other artists work. And although her favourite medium is water colour and inks, she says she will try anything on the page and is experimenting with pastels using it on top of her watercolours.

Her favourite artist is Kandinsky, loving the colour, movement and delicacy.  Blue is her favourite colour, which can be seen in the gallery at the moment with her ‘Yellow Tulips’ emphasized by that distinct slightly slatey/cobalty blue in the background pushing the different yellows of the tulips forward.

Elizabeth walks her dog, Sapphire, around Penrith and Brougham. She is never without her camera, taking lots of photos which she brings back to her studio and uses for inspiration. Her subject matter is organic, landscapes and floral, but occasionally with some structure to help give composition to her pieces, such as Brougham Castle or Lowther. Always looking for ideas, she spotted a cyclist while out driving and now this is immortalised in watercolour and pastel in one of her latest pieces. (