Cyanotype Coloured Animal Portraits with David Lush

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Cyanotype process


28th January 2023

Ideal for beginners, this class starts with a brief introduction to the cyanotype process, its origins and the ways artists have used it to generate artwork. The image of the animal which you have selected either from your own collection or one provided by the tutor, will be transformed into a negative for use in this session. You will use a chemical process to create a light sensitive solution and then coat it on the paper with a self-made spreading tool. You will then expose the animal negatives to UV light to create a beautiful blue and white image of the animal. In the afternoon, you will develop your animal portraits by using pigments to hand colour them. Coloured pencils, pastels, water colours or coffee and tea stains can be used depending on skill level. There is opportunity to print multiple images and select the best as a unique masterpiece.

David Lush gained an MA in Creative Practice at the University of Cumbria in 2021. He is a qualified teacher and practicing artist who delivers workshops dealing with alternative photographic processes such as cyanotype printing

There will be a choice of animal negatives to use, or you can email the animal image you would like to use, at least a week before the workshop, to [email protected]
Please wear old clothes.

Art materials such as pastels, coffee and tea stains and watercolours will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own materials to experiment with. Please bring a good set of colouring pencils.

Faber Castell oil-based pencils are particularly good for this activity and we have secured a competitive price for pack of 12. You have the choice of buying these and the pack will be ready for you

Maximum number 10 people
Minimum age 16 years
£78 pp
£17 pp for a set of Faber Castell oil-based pencils (optional). If you would like to make a purchase please order at [email protected]

Cyanotype Coloured Animal Portraits with David Lush