Window Wanderland is a national event, started in 2015 and the ‘Penrith and Eden Wanderland’ is now part of this. So far, Penrith, Appleby, Kirkby Stephen and Alston Moor have joined forces to create this Eden event and there is hope that more and more villages/towns might join in as the idea spreads. The project is currently funded by Penrith Town Council, Eden Valley Artistic Network (through Eden District Council) and Penrith Chamber of Trade, whose President, Stephen Macaulay, contacted Simon Whalley (EVAN), when they realised that they were both hoping to make this happen within the whole of Eden.

Window Wanderland works with communities to inspire people to decorate windows in their own homes, that can be seen during the day or at night, or both, transforming their windows into magical scenes that can be viewed and admired by everyone in their neighbourhood, using nothing more than paper, glue, anything recyclable and imagination!

The idea is to set up fun, local, window displays in the area, so your local neighbourhood can be seen in a new celebratory light.
  • Celebrating connection. It’s a creative way to get to know neighbours. Which makes people feel proud of their community.
  • Creativity. Make something different.
  • Wandering. This is a chance for people to explore their local area on foot, to see new places, or to see familiar places in a new way.
  • Everyone. Anyone can join in, the more the merrier, as a Wanderer or a Windowmaker.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are artistic or not, everyone can be involved.
There is also the Penrith and Eden Window Wanderland Facebook page, where anyone can post a photo of their window. As this project continues, more of these photos will appear on this EVAN Events Web page, so everyone can enjoy.

How to create a window guide
How to create your own window
Join in as a community
Join in as a community

Print a Window Wanderland Poster – Choose Portrait or Landscape

You can also see lots of fabulous ideas for decorating a window on Google Images.

The project will be launched in Penrith on Saturday 5th December, with other Eden areas still to finalise. It’s hoped to continue until end of February 2021 so there’s plenty of time to have more than one go at this.

If you want to get your community involved, click on ‘Join in as a community’ and if you want to know how to create you own window display then click on “How to create your own window”. Take a photo, put it on the Facebook page, then take a walk out to see what other creations your neighbours have done. 

Facebook Page

No matter what is happening in the world, Window Wanderland is self-contained and Covid-Safe (by following current local government guidelines).