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Welcome to the September / October edition of the EVAN newsletter…

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Welcome to our September/October Newsletter. There has been lots going on including, Picturing Penrith, the art trail and open studios.  Read a little bit about each here and follow the links to read more.
The Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday 1 pm to 5pm.

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Picturing Penrith 2020

'Donkey Days on Beacon Edge'
The Winner 'Donkey Days on Beacon Edge' by Victoria Reay

On the 5th September 20 artists took part in Picturing Penrith. The winners were decided by a people’s vote on line and in the Gallery and you can see the winners here. The first prize was £300, the Gallery visitors prize was £200 and the winning Young artist received £100.


Focus on an EVAN Artist: Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid

In our latest interview, Sarah Reid worked with Sarah Hiscoke to give an insight into her  inspirational  work.



EVAN Music

The Errant Thieves
The Errant Thieves

EVAN Music

See what's going on with EVAN Music.


EVAN Music

New Website

We have a fantastic new website in keeping with Eden Valley Artistic Network.
And we have new members whose work you can find by clicking here.

Welcome to the Quirky Workshops at Greystoke, Faith Cook, Heather Hanna, Seamus Hanna, Trudie Smith, John Holmes, Phil Furneaux, Jess Newton, The Clifford Movement, The Wool Clip, Sophie Howgego, Chameleon, J P Worsfold, Emma Hunt, Penrith Art Club, Allison Murphy and David Hill.

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