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The Life and Works of Lorna Graves

A Memoir
by Clare Crossman

There is a limited number of this new book available to purchase from the EVAN Gallery, Penrith.

Price £12

This is the first biography of painter, sculptor and poet, Lorna Graves, written by someone who knew her well. Clare Crossman uses Lorna’s own notebooks and letters and the testimony of friends, to provide a vivid portrait of a gifted and complex woman.

Kathleen Jones

Like a bright star she is one of those memorable, worthwhile utter blessings of our lives in Cumbria. Like other great people she achieved more in her quiet and shortened life than many who live far longer. We are the fortunate ones; we knew her. Thank you Lorna for all that you have done for us.

Mary Burkett

I see it as a kind of grave simplicity, something tender and enduring. So little work comes from the true centre and source but I see you are a serious artist.

Kathleen Raine on the work of Lorna Graves.

Lorna Graves – Is my team still ploughing

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